4 Types of Friends Every Mother Needs

Motherhood can be a lonely journey without fellow mom-friends who will listen to your complaints or advise how to potty-train your child. Here are several types of friends perfect for your support network.

1. The good listener

Sometimes you just need someone to vent out your feelings after a hard day dealing with the kids and juggling other responsibilities. This friend is able to empathise with you without any judgement and totally gets how you are feeling.

2. The kindred spirit

Spending time with someone who has the same interest or worldview as yourself is invigorating for your soul. You can take some time away from your mommy duty by going on a day-hike with this friend or simply chatting with her at a café.

3. The wise one

This is the friend you go to whenever you are in a dilemma and need someone to guide you. She could be older and has been in the situation you are currently facing. You can rely on her for anything from financial advice to cooking tips.

4. The comedian

It is fun to be around the comedian. She is also great with kids and at parties. She will cheer you up whenever you are sad or upset and help you see the bright side of any situation.

What other types of friends do you have in your circle? Share with us!

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