Every cliché about being a parent is indeed true. Your baby – the wondrous little Ode to Joy, the heart-tugging moments, but oh, the worries and sleepless nights. Unknowingly then, time flies….

Your momentous foray into parenthood is a unique and exciting journey that spans a lifetime. As Malaysia’s pioneer Experts’ initiative in parenting and childcare, Positive Parenting is the most authoritative resource to help you as you lead your child in unlocking the doors of his future. Initiated in Year 2000 by the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), Positive Parenting offers unparalleled Experts’ advice and guidance by key healthcare professionals from various Professional Bodies.

It is our vision to bridge the gap between the nation’s top healthcare professionals and Malaysian parents to empower parents with unbiased, accurate and practical parenting information. Together, we want to assist you to nurture and nourish your child to his or her fullest potential in order to gain the brightest head start for your child.

Indeed, the parenting experience is greater than the sum of its parts. Parenthood is much more intricate then all of its individual moments put together. That's what makes the journey so remarkable/miraculous.

Love and embrace parenthood, enjoy the journey, that’s all that matters. Don’t miss out!

We look forward to continuing to be a trusted resource in all of your parenting experiences.

Our Activities

Positive Parenting is a multi-faceted programme which includes:

Positive Parenting Guide

The quarterly Positive Parenting Guide features expert articles on maternal health, baby & child health, paediatrics, family wellness and nutrition. It is available free of charge to parents through a network of health professionals in private and government paediatric, maternity and O&G clinics and hospitals nationwide.

Positive Parenting Educational Press Articles

Educational press articles are published in leading English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese newspapers. Authored by the experts themselves, the articles enhance parents’ total learning experience in the programme.

Positive Parenting Seminars

Hundreds of parents have come over the years to listen to expert talks on a host of topics – from pregnancy care to childhood diseases, picky eating to parenting skills. These seminars are a great way for parents to meet the experts and have all their parenting questions answered.