4 tips to build a parenting support network

Having a network of support is crucial to help you juggle the various roles you play: mother, career-woman, daughter, wife, etc. Here are some ways mothers can start building their support system.

Start with loved ones: Having a supportive partner is very important in raising a child. Meanwhile, family and close friends are always happy and ready to help you. The only thing you need to do is to ask them, but don’t take them for granted!

Approach familiar faces: Neighbours, caregivers, teachers – these are the people who make up the community and who you regularly interact with. Get to know them and they will be open to offer you advice and help when you need. Remember to contribute too!

Befriend other parents: Other parents know best! Try starting a group with parents of your child’s classmates or simply talking to other moms at the playground. Now you have someone to recommend a good babysitter or arrange a play-date with.

Utilise social media: Many parenting groups or clubs are available online, where parents can share resources and tips. They also organise meet-ups, classes or events occasionally. Social media can be a great place to widen your network. But do make sure you look for credible sites.

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