3 Styles of Parenting: Which Type Are You?

Different parents have different approaches to parenting. You may have heard of tiger parenting, but what about jellyfish and dolphin parenting? Which one are you?

Tiger parents: Do you send your child to multiple tuition classes on top of swimming and piano lessons? Does he need to study every night according to a set schedule and get all A’s in every exam? Then, you might be the authoritarian tiger parent!

Jellyfish parents: Do you let your child watch cartoons all night long? You also love buying junior toys and candies anytime you go shopping. Your child doesn’t have to do chores, because you think he is still too young. You are the permissive jellyfish parent!

Dolphin parents: You expect your child to do his best in exams, but you’re okay if she is not the top student. She is allowed to go out with friends as long as she returns on time. He can watch TV when he’s done with homework. Dolphin parents like you are firm yet flexible!

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