4 Types of Parenting Styles

A parenting style is a psychological concept that represents strategies and perspectives that parents use in raising their children. Parents may not fit neatly into just one category but may find success in varying their style, according to the situation or even between different siblings.

Authoritative parents show warmth and strictness. They set clear rules for their kids, but they also consider their kids’ view when setting limits. Their kids tend to grow up into a responsible adult with good decision-making skills.

Permissive parents show warmth but not strictness. They are less likely to set rules for their kids and may take the approach of being a friend with their kids. Their kids may have problems to adjust to rules and authority in society.

Authoritarian parents show strictness but not warmth. They set rules for their kids with no room for negotiation and do not feel obligated to explain the reason. Their kids may lack problem-solving skills or become hostile.

Uninvolved parents show neither warmth nor strictness. They tend to neglect their kids’ basic needs and may have mental health issues or substance abuse problems. Their kids may need help or support from others.

What is your parenting style? Fill out this questionnaire and find out for yourself.

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