5 Tips to Stay Positive during the MCO

It has already been more than a month since the MCO started. Are you feeling stressed, worried or anxious due to the current COVID-19 pandemic? Don’t worry, you are not alone; it is common to feel that way. Watching the endless stream of news about the situation can evoke the feeling of fear, despair and uncertainty, while being isolated at home can lead to boredom, loneliness and depression.

What’s important is how we cope, and maintain our mental and psychosocial well-being during this challenging time. These following tips can help you and your family stay positive:

  • Stay connected. We’re encouraged to practise social distancing these days, but that doesn’t mean that we should not keep in touch with our friends and family. We can still socialise at a distance in various ways via calls, video calls, social media, text messages, etc. By staying connected, we can support and encourage each other with positive messages.
  • Keep daily routines. Try to keep to your normal daily routines or adapt to the circumstances. Avoid waking up or going to bed too late. Maintain regular daily mealtimes and weekly exercise sessions. Having a routine keeps your life organised.
  • Avoid information overload. It is important to keep updated with the news, but focus on essential news from trusted and official sources only. Avoid rumours and fake news that can cause distress. Seek information updates once or twice a day at specific times.
  • Fill the time. Keep you and your family occupied with fun and beneficial activities. Try new recipes, learn new skills, start a creative project, take up a new hobby, play board games, etc. Don’t spend the whole time on social media or video games; instead, take the opportunity to spend more time with your family.
  • Personal approach. Learn positive coping methods such as meditation or relaxation exercises. Spiritual practices such as prayers can also help. If listening to classical music can help you stay calm and positive, do that!
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