Let’s Talk to Kids about COVID-19!

COVID-19 has affected the lives of many people around the world in big ways. Our daily schedule has been totally transformed as we have all, worldwide, started to stay at home and limit our movement. Don’t forget that this situation is also affecting our kids.

Even young kids are aware of the changes that are happening around them and they may feel fearful, anxious and worried. As parents, you need to help your kids understand and cope with the situation, relieve their fears and make them feel safe. This can be done by having an honest and accurate discussion with your kids about COVID-19 and the MCO.

Here’s how you can talk to your kids about COVID-19:

  • Be calm. Kids will react to what you say and how you say it. By staying calm and speaking in a comforting and uplifting manner, they will also remain calm and positive. They will respond to the situation based on how you act.
  • Make time. Set a time (e.g. during dinner) to just talk with them about the current situation. Let them know that they can always approach you to ask about anything they hear or see, or to tell you how they feel.
  • Provide appropriate info. Make sure that the information you are sharing with them is trustworthy and suitable with their comprehension level. Let them know that some stories online can be false, inaccurate and based on rumour. 
  • Avoid info overload. Most channels on radio and TV, and online, will be talking about COVID-19 during this period. Avoid overexposure to news on COVID-19 as this can lead to anxiety. Remember to monitor their screen time.
  • Avoid stigma. Do not use language that stereotypes or blames others for COVID-19. Be compassionate when talking about people who are infected.
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