Let’s Cook with Your Little Chef

Many parents are using their time home during the MCO to experiment in the kitchen and practise new recipes. Get your kids involved and let them develop their cooking skills! #StayHomeHaveFun

First rule: safety

Cooking with your kids can be fun, but remember to prioritise safety. Keep your kitchen free from accidents with these tips:

  1. Hygiene: Remember to wash everything: hands, cooking utensils and ingredients.
  2. Sharp items: Handle knives and other sharp objects carefully and slowly. Keep sharp tools out of your kids’ reach. Tell them that sharp things can hurt.
  3. Hot items: Keep your kids away from the hot stove, oven, pans, pots and kettle. Do not leave a fire unattended, even briefly. Explain to them that hot things can burn.
  4. Electricity: Unplug unused electrical appliances. Keep the appliances dry and teach your child to not interfere with these machines when they are operating.

Age-appropriate kitchen tasks for kids

This is a general guide. Different children may develop their skills at a different rate. Know your child’s capability before letting him perform difficult tasks.

3 – 4 year olds

  • Wash and scrub fruits and vegetables
  • Help to roll the rolling pin
  • Mix and mash ingredients
  • Help pour ingredients into bowl

5 – 6 year olds

  • Preparing simple snacks (e.g. peanut butter sandwiches)
  • Help set the table
  • Peel fruits such as oranges and bananas
  • Help measure the amount of ingredients needed
  • Hand-mix the batter
  • Monitor the cooking time of food
  • Decorate desserts (e.g. cupcakes and sugar cookies)

7 – 10 year olds

  • Select ingredients needed while grocery shopping
  • Let your child read recipes to you
  • Plan meals with him; Give him the chance to decide
  • Help to serve food and wash dishes
  • Teach him to use knives/stoves/electrical appliances safely as he grows older

Here’s the time for home cooks to shine! Join our Masak-Masak Challenge!  You only have to post photos/videos of you and your kids cooking/baking, or photos of what you prepared for the kids. Click here.

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