6 Tips for Work-at-Home Mums during MCO

The government has just announced that the current Movement Control Order will extend until 14th April. Many parents have to continue to work from home due to the directive. Meanwhile, kids get to extend their school holiday. This presents a tough situation for us, parents; we have to juggle between working, housekeeping, parenting and teaching the kids. How can we manage this?

  1. Wake up early: Working from home should not be a reason to wake up late. In fact, it’s better to wake up earlier than your kids. Use this time to check and reply emails, organise daily to-do lists, and do any house chores.
  2. Have a schedule and goals: Prepare a schedule for you and your kids. This way, you will know when you can focus on work and when to focus on your kids. Be flexible, but set goals to be achieved by the end of the day.
  3. Set up zones: To minimise disruptions and stay focused, it’s good for each family member to have their own space for work and learning. You can set up your home-office in the bedroom, your husband can use the extra room and you can turn the living room into a classroom for your kids.
  4. Take turns: Plan with your husband to take turns doing the chores and managing the kids. If you are cooking today, he can monitor the kids with their homework. This will give each other more time for personal and work activities.
  5. Let the kids help: They can help you with age-appropriate house chores, such as cleaning their bedrooms, washing the dishes, clearing out the trash, etc. Prepare a schedule if necessary.
  6. Separate work and family: When you work from home, the boundary between work and personal life can be blurred. Know
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