7 Phrases to Calm a Tantrum-throwing Child

Temper tantrums are inevitable. It is a normal stage of development for kids who are still learning to deal with difficult emotions. The key to handling a tantrum is to remain calm. Once you manage to control yourself, here are some phrases you can say to ease the tantrum.

  1. “I know you want it, but…”
    This acknowledges his feelings/needs/wants, but also lets him know that the rule is not going to change.
  2. “What’s this/that?”
    Distract him by pointing at something interesting or giving him his favourite toy, but make sure you sound convincing.
  3. “Are you hungry/tired/sleepy?”
    These are the common tantrum triggers. Knowing what triggers his tantrum can help you resolve the situation.
  4. “Can you help me?”
    Giving him a simple task can be another way to distract him from throwing a tantrum.
  5. “Let’s go outside.”
    Taking him away from a scene could be what you need to calm him down.
  6. “We need to hug.”
    Sometimes, what he needs is a big hug to make him feel secure and relaxed.
  7. “…”
    And most of the time, simply ignoring him and staying silent will make him stop his tantrum. This will gradually teach him that throwing tantrums will not get him what he wants.

There are no magic phrases to stop tantrums, but these strategies may be helpful. Different kids may react to different methods. What do you say to your kids when they throw a tantrum?

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