Tips for surviving the first-day blues

The school is starting soon! Are you sending your kid for the first time to kindergarten, preschool or school next year? It will be an exciting milestone for both you and your kid, but the adjustment period during the first few days (or even weeks!) can be hard, especially for her. Here’s how you can prepare your little one:

  • Make the right choice: Choose the best kindergarten/school that is best suited for your kid. Bring her along on the visiting or open day to get her familiar with the place.
  • Make it exciting: Speak eagerly about her going to school for the first time and describe all the fun activities she will be enjoying there with her friends. This can help her feel less anxious and more excited.
  • Get into a routine: In the weeks leading to the first day, start adjusting her sleep and breakfast schedule to follow a normal school day. The transition will be easier and more comfortable if it starts earlier.
  • Be there for your child: On the first day, you can stay with your kid (outside the class!) for the first few hours if necessary – but not for the whole day! And remember to pick her up on time so she will feel secure.
  • Talk about it: Ask your kid about her day in school. Show interest in her activity and praise her for a successful first day at school. She will be looking forward for the next school day!
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