Tips to Prepare for Baby No. 2

Last weekend, we asked our Instagram followers if they think having a second child will be easier. Some people answered “Yes” as they felt that their experience with the first child would help them with the second one.

However, a majority of 71% actually answered “No”, expressing concerns about finances and being fair to both children. Others were concerned whether they would be able to allocate the same amount of time, attention and energy to the new baby as they did with the first child.

There is no easy answer to this, except to go through the experience yourself. For those who are preparing for a second child, here are some tips to help you:

Preparing the big kid:

  • Plan a special day for them before you get too tired due to your pregnancy. Take them to the playground or simply treat them with ice cream. The important thing is to have quality time with them before the baby comes.
  • Get them ready. Tell them about the incoming family member when the time is right (when your baby bump is showing) and how things will change (the baby will need more attention from Mum). You can also take them along for your  ultrasound scans.
  • Reinforce their new role as the “big bro/sis”. Help them choose a gift for the baby and prepare a gift from “the baby” for them – this can help them bond. Let them help you to take care of the baby (by fetching a diaper or consoling the cranky baby).

Preparing the mum:

  • Go for a date night. Have a nice dinner or a movie night with your husband before your due date. You probably won’t be able to spend a private time together for the next few months, so take the chance while you still can.
  • Sort through your baby items to see what you can reuse and what you should throw away. Using hand-me-downs saves time and money. Wash any clothes and fabrics that you are going to use and check the expiry date of your child car seat.
  • Stock up on supplies. Prepare all your baby and household essentials that you’ll need in advance. These include diapers, wipes, toilet paper, toothpaste and other personal items. If possible, stock up for the first few months.
  • Ask for help from others. The first few weeks can be tough. Arrange a family member or a caretaker to help you with the first kid and the chores during this period. Husbands also play a key role to support their wife postpartum. 
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