5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning on Holidays

Holidays mean no more school and homework (at least temporarily)! But that doesn’t mean learning has to stop as well. Make learning fun during the holidays with these tips.

Reading is fun

Let them read anything they find interesting, including comic books, story books, magazines, etc. This improves their reading skill and helps them pick up new vocabularies.

Go on a learning trip

Explore educational places like museums, zoo, aquariums, science centre, bird parks, botanical gardens, etc. Some of these places also offer day programmes for kids.

Game time

Teach them how to play board games or solve puzzles. Monopoly improves their counting skills, Scrabble helps with vocabulary and chess develops strategic thinking.

Start a collection

Let them collect items of their interest, e.g. stamps, coins, dried leaves/flowers, bugs, etc. This encourages them to be curious, observant and organised.

Fuel their passion

If you see their interest in anything, such as football, dancing, painting or cooking, enrol them for holiday workshops.

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