Preserve those precious moments!

In the smartphone age, we can instantly share moments in our life with family and friends. But this kind of sharing tends to be forgotten quickly. Here are other ways you can cherish those precious moments with your loved ones:

Photo album: Print photos and albums… remember them? Smartphones may be convenient, but nothing beats the feeling of flipping through the pages with precious photos in them. Why not try a photo book?

Short video montage: Babies first steps, your son’s first dance performance and daughter’s first camping trip … some moments need to be relived over and over! You can assemble short clips of an event into a video montage and watch it on TV together when the family gathers.

Family journal: A family journal is a fun and informal way of keeping memories and connecting with family. Create surveys and record your family’s answers in the journal! Need more ideas? List your favourite foods, trace your hands out, keep monthly records of height and weight, etc.

Memory jar: All family members can contribute to the memory jar by jotting down their happy moments on a small piece of paper, and placing it inside a jar. You can have a new jar every year, and at the end of the year, the jar will be emptied and the notes will be read one by one!

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