Empowering New Parents with Malaysia’s First Comprehensive 360° Growth and Development Toolkit by Positive Parenting

What is the Positive Parenting 360° Growth and Development Toolkit?

The Positive Parenting 360° Growth and Development Toolkit, created by Positive Parenting under the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), is an all-in-one resource that empowers parents with essential healthcare information and practical tools to effectively track, monitor, and support their child's growth and development.

This toolkit contains healthcare information that has been curated by trusted experts in the field and presents it in a user-friendly and easily digestible format, in order to enable parents to take control of their child's health and ensure their optimal well-being. With this toolkit, we encourage parents to actively engage in their child's health and development journey, monitoring milestones, tracking growth, managing immunisations, and establishing healthy nutritional habits, thereby nurturing a strong foundation for their child's overall well-being.

360 Growth and Development Toolkit Cover

How Does the Toolkit Work?

The Positive Parenting 360° Growth and Development Toolkit is essentially an ‘enhanced baby book’ that allows parents to track and monitor the overall well-being of their child. The toolkit is divided into four sections, each featuring a convenient pull-out insertion with specific information related to that section. Additionally, QR codes can be found throughout the toolkit, allowing quick access to a wealth of additional resources.

What Content is Covered in the Toolkit?

Within the Positive Parenting 360° Growth and Development Toolkit, you'll discover a wide array of resources dedicated to child healthcare and overall well-being. This comprehensive collection is categorised into four easily accessible categories, encompassing the following:

Child Growth - This section ensures children reach their full growth potential. It provides parents with information and growth charts to track and monitor their child's physical development.

Child Development - This section enables parents to track and monitor their child's milestones and cognitive growth. It includes Malaysia's first comprehensive milestone tracker for the early years.

Child Health - This section focuses on prioritising the well-being of children and includes immunisation charts to ensure necessary vaccinations are kept up-to-date, along with informative details about specific diseases.

Child Nutrition and Healthy Living - This section focuses on cultivating healthy habits and nourishing children with the right nutrition. It features a comprehensive guide to complementary feeding, assisting new parents in navigating the introduction of solid foods to their child with the appropriate approach.

How to Redeem Your Own Toolkit?

Parents may redeem the Positive Parenting 360° Growth and Development Toolkit for FREE, through the following methods:

1) Visit a Participating Clinic: Visit one of the participating clinics and request a toolkit directly from the listed paediatrician for free.

List of Participating Clinics


2) Contact Positive Parenting Secretariat: Reach out to the Positive Parenting secretariat directly (see below) to request your toolkit. While the toolkit itself is free, there may be a delivery fee payable to VersaComm secretariat for shipping the toolkit to your desired address.

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