The Malaysian Food Pyramid 2020: What’s New?



A quick guide to healthy eating

The food pyramid is a simple yet effective visual guide to help you achieve healthy eating, provided you stay disciplined by consistently following the recommendations and principles in the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines and the Malaysian Food Pyramid.

What’s new?

The Malaysian Food Pyramid has been given a new makeover in 2020 after the previous version was introduced in 2010. What are the differences?

Plain Water included

  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of plain water daily is recommended

Carbohydrate Foods moved to Level 2

  • Recommended servings reduced from 4-8 servings/day to 3-5 servings/day
  • Emphasis on whole grain consumption
  • Consume carbohydrate foods in moderate amounts

Fruits & Vegetables moved to Level 1 (base of pyramid)

  • Recommended servings for veggies increased to 3 servings or more/day, while for fruits remain the same at 2 servings/day
  • To encourage higher consumption of fruits and veggies

Samples of recommended serving sizes displayed

  • Food examples are depicted as the recommended size of 1 serving (except for the top level)

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