BMI-for-age Growth Chart for Children

For children and teens ages 2 to 19 years, Body Mass Index (BMI)-for-age charts are age- and sex-specific.
Carta Indeks Jisim Tubuh (IJT) untuk kanak-kanak berusia 2-19 tahun adalah mengikut umur dan jantina.

Download & Print

Download the BMI-for-age Growth Charts and follow the steps below.

Download PDF

How to use the chart?

Step 1: Measure your child weight (kg) and height (m)

Step 2: Calculate your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI)

Step 3: Use appropriate chart for your child’s age and gender.

Step 4: Find your child’s BMI on the vertical axis and your child’s age on the horizontal axis of the chart.

Step 5: Mark the point in which these two values meet. The region where the point is tells you what category is your child’s BMI.



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