Shape A Well-rounded Child

According to National Pre-School Curriculum of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, a well-rounded child possesses these characteristics:

  • Enjoys learning
  • Has potential for positive holistic and integrated development
  • Has adequate language and communication skills, depending on age
  • Is able to develop quick thinking skills
  • Is ethical and noble
  • Has a confident and disciplined demeanour
  • Is healthy and active
  • Is creative, imaginative and expressive

You can help your child achieve well-rounded development by first realising that it isn’t just about getting good grades. There is just so much more for him to learn and enjoy in the process.

Here are five tips on how you can shape your child into a wellrounded individual:

  1. Song and Dance
    Research has shown that this is a great way for children to learn. Engage your child in song, dance and even play acting. Hold a mini concert for the entire family once a month where each individual can hold his/her own performance.
  2. Show and Tell
    Encourage learning by being pro-active in your child’s learning. Encourage him to find things out by asking questions. Be patient and listen closely when he tells you the things he has learnt as well.
  3. Share What You Know
    Studies have shown that parents are the primary people who shape children’s personalities and attitudes during the first five years of their lives. So, be good to your child and teach him as many things as you possibly can. It can be by reading him a book or letting him help out in the kitchen.
  4. Caring and Sharing
    Instil good values in your child by teaching him all about caring and sharing. A good suggestion is to buy a family pet – whether it is a hamster, guinea pig or a rabbit – and showing your child how to care for it. Also, encourage sharing of toys and books with siblings, cousins and friends.
  5. Spiritual Belief
    Spiritual development is important. It encourages them to behave with integrity and kindness. Spiritual development helps in growing the inner self of the child.

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