“Look Mummy, No Hands!”

Play is an important activity for children to develop their strength, coordination, imagination as well as social skills.

However, playgrounds are also places where accidents can happen. According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, about 3,000 cases of injuries occur at playgrounds in the country every three months. As a parent, you can make the playground a place that is enjoyable and safe for your kids by looking out for potential hazards and providing adequate supervision.

Soft Landing

Condition: Choose playgrounds where the ground is covered with rubber mats or grass surfaces. These surfaces should extend at least 6 feet beyond the play equipment.

At Play:

  • Ensure that the ground is free from broken glass, debris, standing water or objects that could cause kids to trip and fall, such as rocks or tree branches.
  • Watch out for muddy patches on the grass that could be slippery and cause a child to fall.


Condition: Swings with soft seats are preferable.

At Play:

  • Your child should sit on the seat, and should not be allowed to stand or kneel.
  • Make sure that no one is standing in front of the swing.
  • There should not be more than one child on a swing.


Condition: The slide should be a sturdy structure with guardrails.

At Play:

  • The child should slide down feet first, in a sitting position.
  • Do not let allow children to slide down in a group.
  • Always check that the bottom of the slide is clear.


Condition: There should be no loose or broken parts. If the height of the seesaw centre is higher than a child’s waist or shoulder, it should be at least 9 feet away from other equipment.

At Play:

  • Your child should hold on tightly using both hands.
  • Children should be seated facing one another.
  • Ensure that other adults and children always keep a safe distance from a seesaw when it is in motion.

Climbing Equipment

Condition: Check all equipment for sharp points and protrusions that may cause injury.

At Play:

  • Ensure that children do not race across the bars.
  • This equipment is not suitable for younger children aged 5 years and below.
  • Teach children to use both hands while climbing and beware of swinging feet.

Watchful Eyes

It is natural for children to forget about safety when they are busy having fun. Always make sure that there is a trusted adult to check the safety of play equipment and watch your child.

  • NEVER leave your child unsupervised.
  • Make friends with other parents in the neighbourhood. Help each other to look after the kids.
  • Get a good spot to supervise. Make sure your vision of your child is clear, preferably the bench nearest to the equipment he is using. Stand and watch, or follow him around if you have to.
  • Wear and tear of playground equipment is a common in older housing areas. Those made of wood and metal are more prone to splintering and rusting. Inspect equipment for signs of damage, sharp points or protrusions before allowing your child to play.
  • Any equipment that is elevated, such as slides, should have railings. Spaces between railings or ladder steps should be less than 3.5 inches or more than 9 inches to reduce the risk of children becoming trapped in these spaces.
  • Keep an eye out for any rough play that may endanger your child or other children in the playground. Teach your child social values about playing with other children. Be ready to intervene and stop any rough play.

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