Comfort & Safety First

Being pregnant does not mean that life comes to a standstill. You still have chores to do around the house and for many women, a job to do as well. It can be a challenge to juggle work, household chores and a growing baby in your belly while ensuring that you stay safe and comfortable. Read this article and share it with your spouse. It will help to have your loved one watching out for you too.

Postpone the painting

Try not to expose yourself to oil-based paints, lead, mercury or other substances containing solvents. This means no painting, wallpapering or furniture refinishing. However, if you must do them, do take precautions: work in a well-ventilated area, wear protective clothing and gloves and avoid drinking or eating in the work area.

Careful housecleaning

While no studies have been conducted on the harmful effects of chemical cleaning products on pregnant women, a little caution is always a good practice. When using products that may contain toxic substances, always wear gloves when using chemical cleaning agents and do not inhale any strong, caustic fumes. Most household cleaners are safe to use but avoid mixing ammonia with chlorine-based products as this is toxic!

Litter box dangers

Get someone else to clean your pet’s litter box. Cat faeces may contain harmful parasites which can lead to toxoplasmosis (a serious blood infection that can cause birth defects). If you must clean the litter box yourself, do wear gloves and a mask over your nose and mouth.

Buckle up

Always buckle up if you need to travel by car, no matter how short the trip. Position the shoulder strap between the breasts and away from the neck, and place lap belt below the abdomen and across the upper thighs.

Away with second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke poses grave danger to your unborn baby, so stick to where the air is fresh. If you have a spouse, friends or colleagues who smoke, remind them not to light up when you are around.


Working in an office means long hours sitting at your desk. For this, you need a comfortable chair – one with a firm seat, adjustable armrests and back cushions that support your lower back. Using a footrest to elevate your feet instead of crossing your legs will reduce strain on your back and the likelihood of developing varicose veins.

On the other hand, does your job require you to stand for long stretches of time, lift heavy objects or work in shifts? If it does, you might want to discuss this with your caregiver and your employer. You may need to stop working earlier or adjust some of your duties as your pregnancy progresses.

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