Advertorial: The Beauty in Simplicity

Adapting to a simpler and gentler way of living that supports a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle

Kirei is a Japanese word that generally denotes cleanliness, beauty and simplicity. Kao has incorporated the philosophy of Kirei to encourage consumer lifestyle changes that support holistic living in the current millennium. The concept is encapsulated in its manufacturing practices that incorporate measures to deliver value-added products that help improve people’s lives, help consumers realise fulfilling lifestyles and promote a clean, organised and beautiful life at various life stages.

Keeping living spaces clean

According to the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, a clean and serene environment sustains living, and life. Besides enhancing home comforts, a clean living area is crucial in preventing many infectious ills. Keeping living spaces clean can prevent the growth of harmful pathogens.

The omnipresent COVID-19 has driven home the message that germs can linger on surfaces and be passed on to the uninfected, causing harm and illness. Other pathogens include Salmonella, which thrives in dirty living areas, especially the kitchen, and can cause food poisoning-related illnesses. Dirty living areas, especially damp, dirty areas (such as bathroom, toilet), can see a proliferation of mould, which can precipitate respiratory infections.

There are just too many microscopic menaces that thrive in dirty environments, and it is just common sense that we keep our living spaces clean and uncluttered, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for good health and mental wellbeing.

Rest and relaxation

A clean and comfortable home is crucial to creating a relaxing environment. A place to destress is important, especially for those who are constantly stressed due to the demands of work and even personal lives.

Stress elevates cortisol, a hormone that regulates various functions in the body. In small amounts, it allows the body to handle demands placed on it. However, prolonged elevated levels of cortisol (often associated with chronic stress) can adversely affect the body, mentally and physically.

Prolonged cortisol elevation weakens the immune system and is linked to high blood pressure. Other effects include weight gain, digestive disruptions, sleep disturbances, mood disorders as well as hormonal imbalances. As you can see, chronic stress can be a silent killer, so it is imperative that our lives be as “stress deficient” as possible, and what better way to deal with stress than by adopting the Kirei Lifestyle Plan by looking for easy, fuss-free home cleaning solutions that cater to one’s needs.

Cleanliness translates to good health

Personal cleanliness is a crucial factor in the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, and in any lifestyle that aims to foster good health. Good personal hygiene helps prevent the spread of many diseases, not only for you, but also those living with you.

  • Wash your hands: This is a simple and effective way to curb the spread of infectious diseases. Regular handwashing removes germs that are almost always present on the hands.
  • Practise respiratory hygiene: When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose. Either use tissues or the crook of your elbow as cover. This minimises the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain pathogens, especially in those who are ill.
  • Shower regularly: This is a given as showers remove dirt, sweat, grime and bacteria, reducing the possibility of skin infections and other problems.
  • Ensure food safety: Good hygiene during all aspects of food preparation helps prevent foodborne illnesses.
  • Use effective products that could disinfect or prevent bacterial growth.

It is undeniable that personal and home/environmental hygiene is the cornerstone of good public health. Such practices reduce the transmission of infectious diseases and promote overall wellbeing.

All in the family

No man is an island, and most of us live with family members. It could be a young family, a family with teenagers, or families with infants, teenagers and the elderly. Whatever our situation, we strive to keep the family healthy and happy. To do this, we have to make choices every single day. From the detergent we use to what type of floor cleaner we purchase, we have to make a multitude of choices every single day.

Some of the decisions appear to be simple ones at first glance. Take for example, diapers for babies. But if you think about it, there are so many factors to consider when you go shopping for diapers. You need to look at: size, absorbency, type, comfort, waist and leg fit, hypoallergenic, cost, etc. Just this simple decision requires consideration of multiple factors.

Take another example. Your teenager is going through that certain phase. Acne erupts and self-esteem implodes. You need anti-acne lotions or facial cleansers, but you cannot simply grab anything from the pharmacy. Now, another list of things to consider: skin type, ingredients, gentleness, consistency, SPF protection, acne type… It’s not as simple as it appears to be.

A lifestyle that nurtures

To help us with the choices we have to make every day, we need to adopt a lifestyle that allows us to nurture our families as well as the environment. The beauty of the Kirei Lifestyle Plan lies in its philosophy of encouraging happy, healthy living while making choices that factor in sustainability and accountability, for what we enjoy in life now should also be enjoyed by future generations – our children, and their children as well. It is not only about Me, but also society at large.

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