Breakfast Energises Your Day: Building the Breakfast Habit

Now that you have heard all about the importance of eating breakfast, let’s look at how you incorporate it into your daily lifestyle.

After all, eating breakfast regularly gives so many benefits that there is really no reason why you should skip it at all! However, you should also bear in mind that in order to get the most out of breakfast, you must ensure that your choice of breakfast is a healthy one.

What’s healthy for breakfast?

Breakfast is an excellent time to get some stock up on fibre, which can come from fruits or whole grains such as oats, whole grain cereals, or wholemeal bread. A quick and simple breakfast can be as simple as a glass of milk and a bowl of oats with banana or you could cook some scrambled eggs to go with some whole grain toast. Here are some simple strategies to help you overcome any possible barriers that stand in the way of a healthy breakfast.

  • Get in the habit – for habitual breakfast-skippers, you should include breakfast as part of your morning routine. You can do this gradually, e.g. breakfast on two consecutive mornings, then three mornings, etc. The final goal is to eat breakfast on a daily basis. To get started, you can begin with fruits, e.g. a banana, an apple or a slice of papaya, or a pack of yoghurt or milk. Grab one before you leave and make sure that your child does the same. Be sure to gradually include other food groups.
  • Prepare the night before – it helps to prepare things the night before if you have very little time in the morning, e.g. place bowls and spoons for oats/whole grain cereals on the dining table, slice some fruit, make hard-boiled eggs, or have your smoothie blender and the ingredients all set up.
  • Leftovers for breakfast – don’t stick only to ‘traditional’ breakfast foods. You can actually make extra portions for dinner and reheat it the next day for breakfast. This method is also a great time-saver for the mornings as you can just pop the food in the microwave for a quick reheat and you’re ready to go.
  • Take stock – check your breakfast supplies often and replenish when necessary. This helps ensure that you will have sufficient quantities of your breakfast favourites on hand and avoids situations where you are left holding an empty cereal box in the morning or opening the fridge to find no yoghurt left.

Other useful tips:

Regardless of how busy you are in the mornings, you can successfully make time for breakfast every day. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t limit yourself to only these suggestions, there are many other wonderful breakfast concoctions that are both healthy and delicious that you could enjoy. The important thing is to get into the habit of eating breakfast instead of skipping it.

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Breakfast Energises Your Day: Breakfast is for Everyone

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