What Is Japanese Encephalitis?

How is Japanese Encephalitis Transmitted?


Japanese Encephalitis Symptoms


1 in 3 people will develop serious symptoms & die, many who survive are left with permanent brain damage.

Japanese Encephalitis Prevention

syringe Vaccination against JE is included in the National Immunization Programme for Sabah and Sarawak. It is also recommended for anyone living or working in close proximty to high risk areas (i.e. pig farms).
clothing Avoid outdoor activities when JE carrying mosquitoes are most active – this is usually during dawn or dusk. Wear insect repellent or long sleeves and pants as extra precaution.
no-mosquito Make sure your house isn’t a prime mosquito breeding ground especially if you live in high risk areas.

Worldwide 75% of cases involve those below 14 years of age


There is no specific treatment for JE once you’ve been infected. Patient management focuses on supportive care and management of complications.

67,900 new JE cases recorded annually with a 30% fatal rate

Malaysia JE Outbreaks


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