Keep Your Child Safe

Think Safety First

Parents always want the best for their children. Many parents spend a great deal to make sure that their children receive the right nutrition, get the best possible education and are given the appropriate medical care and treatment when they fall ill. Unfortunately, many do not realise that they need to give equal importance and attention to their child’s safety.

More children suffer harm because of trauma and injury than from sickness and disease. Many of these injuries are preventable. There are several factors which make children prone to suffer injury and danger.

Children like to explore, to try new things, to play and to make friends. However they may not have enough knowledge and understanding to recognise danger. They do not have the maturity to look at a situation from different angles and exercise good judgement. When they are having fun, they may easily get distracted and may not react quickly enough to sudden unexpected danger. Their size also makes them almost invisible in crowds or to drivers.

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