Instil A Love For Music In Your Child

How many of us can say we have forgotten the lyrics to ‘Doe A Deer’?

Rhymes and songs learned in kindergarten are rarely forgotten. That is the power of music. And that is why Barney & Friends, Sesame Street and High 5 are so popular with children: catchy tunes and memorable lyrics make the best teaching aids! Here is how you can make music a part of your child’s life:

• Music aids speech development.
By repeating simple songs, you help your child learn the basics of the spoken language and build up their vocabulary. The ABC song, for example, is simple yet enables your child to remember 26 different alphabets easily.

Tip: Sing songs with names of animals, plants and other objects with your child. Record her singing and play it back to her later.

• Music encourages self-expression.
At an age when children cannot express themselves in words yet, music allows them to explore a whole range of feelings.

Tip: Sing songs that express various emotions like happiness, sadness, grumpiness and eagerness with hand actions. You can use puppets and toys to express these emotions too.

• Music helps children learn numbers.
Children who know music and rhythm are able to relate to numbers better and faster than those who did not.

Tip: Sing songs with numbers such as Ten Little Indian Boys and accompany it with hand actions that reflect the numbers.

• Music enhances social skills.
Children who join toddler music groups or sing in pre-schools learn to cooperate and have fun with their peers. This helps them build better social skills.

Tip: Encourage children to sing and play music together. Get them to join in songs and dances that require them to interact.

• Music builds self-confidence.
Encourage your child to take part in music – whether there is an audience or not. This boosts their self-confidence and encourages them to learn and take on new challenges.

Tip: Pay attention to your child whenever she sings or plays music. Praise her, clap along and applaud her enthusiastically when she finishes her little performance.


  • Sing your child’s favourite songs with her. Add movement and dance to make it more fun.
  • Keep playing the same tunes. Children love hearing their favourite songs over and over.
  • Introduce simple instruments like drums, shakers and bells to your child.
  • Visit music stores with her and let her pick out a music CD.
  • Expose your child to different kinds of music.

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