How Your Child Learns

As parents, we need to understand how our child learns, what motivates and excites him, what he enjoys doing. By understanding him better, we can help him learn more effectively. This article shows you how.

Is your child active? Does he love acting and performing, and just showing others what he can do? Does he enjoy variety and trying out new challenges on his own?

Your child is the PERFORMER.

Motivate this child by acknowledging and praising him, especially on his ability to entertain others. Give him opportunities to be the centre of attention and to demonstrate his abilities.

Learning Tips

  • Give short and direct instructions.
  • Apply lessons to real life.
  • Give him room to move and make learning fun with games and objects.
  • Take a break every 15-20 minutes during a learning session.

Does your child pay attention easily in class? Does he love routine and consistency? Does he prefer subjects that are presented in a structured manner?

Your child is the PRODUCER.

Motivate this child by acknowledging and praising him on being neat, punctual and organised. Have planned schedules and routines and follow them faithfully.

Learning Tips

  • Give instructions and explanations in a structured manner.
  • Highlight important information in books and notes.
  • Schedule learning sessions and do not change unnecessarily.

Is your child curious and does he enjoy experimenting and discovering new things? Does he apply his creativity to solve problems, no matter how long it takes?

Your child is the INVENTOR.

Motivate this child by acknowledging and praising him for discovering new things and solving problems intelligently.

Learning Tips

  • Discuss and brainstorm on the subject being taught.
  • Encourage him to draw and construct models, and use computer programmes to teach.
  • Get him to explain what he has learned instead of writing it down.

Does your child chatter even when he is supposed to be quiet? Does he enjoy time with friends and working in teams? Is he sensitive to the feelings of others?

Your child is the RELATOR.

Motivate this child by focusing on fairness, values and team spirit in preschool. Acknowledge him for his kindness and consideration.

Learning Tips

  • Encourage group play and discussions on the lesson being taught.
  • Get him to explain what he has learned instead of writing it down.
  • Take turns to read aloud to one another.

Does your child daydream or conjure up new ideas a lot? Does he have a withdrawn and shy personality? Is he inclined towards art and creativity?

Your child is the THINKER.

Motivate this child by recognising his creative abilities and giving him opportunities to display his accomplishments.

Learning Tips

  • Encourage him to draw pictures or doodle while learning.
  • Use pictures, posters or poems to explain a subject.
  • Provide quiet time for him to be alone.

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