First Games

Forget expensive toys. Your newborn’s biggest source of entertainment is you! The best thing you can do for your baby is spend time bonding and playing with her.

The more you interact with your baby, the more confident and self-reassured she will be about the world around her. And the best part is, it does not take a lot to keep her happy and entertained.

Here is how you can get started:

Face fun

To your baby, the most fascinating, aweinspiring thing in the world (at least for now) is none other than mommy’s or daddy’s face. Face-to-face contact allows expressions on your face – from happy to sad, surprised to sneaky. Pull some funny faces and you will be delighted to see your baby trying to imitate you!

Fun tip: Place a doll or teddy bear near your baby so that she can observe the bear or doll’s face. Alternatively, give her a small, unbreakable mirror and let her entertain herself with her own reflection.

Sweet sounds

Your baby’s hearing ability is very welldeveloped, even in infancy. She is able to respond to various noises but the sound that strikes her the most is the sound of your voice. Make it a habit to talk, sing or hum gently to her throughout the day. Your baby will respond to your voice by stopping and listening to you. By about 6 months, she will be able to detect where your voice (or other sounds) are coming from and turn her head towards that direction.

Fun tip: Expose your baby to objects that make noise such as a small rattle. Play music CDs for her – classical music or children’s songs are always good choices. However, avoid exposing her to loud, startling noises as this can be disturbing.

Hanging objects

Your baby sees the world as a fascinating tangle of shapes and colours. She has the ability to focus on and follow slowly moving objects. So, do provide her with objects that will stimulate her visually. But remember to place it out of her reach for safety reasons.

Fun tip: Buy or make a mobile with bright, simple shapes and hang it above your baby’s crib. Provide your baby a visual feast of colours, patterns such as strips of ribbons and all sorts of interesting shapes such as stars, squares, triangles and circles.

The magic touch

Babies thrive on cuddles, hugs and kisses. Take every opportunity to massage, gently rock, kiss and cuddle your baby.

Fun tip: Tickle your baby gently as you dress her after a bath. Run your fingers through her hair and blow on her stomach to stimulate her senses.

Being new parents, it is natural that you cannot get enough of your baby but do let your baby take the lead during playtime. Each baby has a different personality – some prefer quiet, calm activities while others enjoy more robust games. Observe what your baby enjoys and respond accordingly. You should also watch out for your baby’s cues. If your baby is no longer giggling, is closing her eyes or seems disinterested, it is time to stop for the day.

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