Child Safety In The Kitchen

The kitchen is full of dangers. Learn how to keep your kitchen safe for children.

  1. Keep young children out of the kitchen.
  2. Keep sharp utensils and appliances out of your child’s reach.
  3. Install locks or guards on drawers, cabinets and doors.
  4. Install a stove guard to prevent your child from touching flames or hot burners. Use stove knob covers to prevent children from playing with them.
  5. Hanging cords from electrical appliances such as blender and rice cooker is dangerous. Unplug appliance cords when not in use and keep them tied up and out of children’s reach. Hide them with cord cover or tape.
  6. Make a habit of turning pot handles inward and away from the edge of the stove. Never eat, drink, carry or prepare foods or beverages while holding a baby.
  7. Keep hot drinks and foods away from the edges of tables and counter tops.
  8. Remove plastic bags immediately. Punch holes and tie them into knots before throwing them away. Alternatively, keep them out of reach of children. In addition to the potential for suffocation, children can choke on small pieces of plastic bag.
  9. Tablecloths that hang over table edges can easily be pulled down and anything on top can fall on the child. Make sure it is fasten with pegs or clips.
  10. Store automatic dishwasher detergent and other toxic cleaning supplies in their original containers, out of a child’s reach.

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