Diaper Change

Not origami, but close

How to fold a nappy in 8 simple steps.

Step 1: Lay a clean nappy flat on a clean surface.

Step 2: Pull the two bottom corners upwards to fold the diaper into a rectangle.

Step 3: Pull the two left corners to the right, forming a smaller square.


Step 4: Flip the diaper over.

Step 5: Pick up the top layer by the lower right corner and pull it out to the left to make a triangle.

Step 6: Flip the diaper over and fold the square flap towards the middle of the triangle by one-third.


Step 7: Fold the square flap one more time, so it ends up in the middle of the triangle.


Step 8: Place a nappy liner on top of the triple-folded section, and the diaper’s ready for use.


Save time at each nappy change!

  • After washing and drying each load of nappies, fold them and place liners in position so they’re ready to use
  • Keep all your nappy changing necessities in the same place so you don’t have to hunt for them

Washing nappies

You can soak up to 10 nappies at a time in the detergent and bleach solution, provided the last nappy to go in is soaked for at least 30 minutes. Machine-wash them with a mild detergent, rinse well, and sun-dry. Don’t use a fabric softener in the rinse cycle, as this will stay on the cloth and irritate baby’s skin. Avoid harsh detergents and those with added fragrance, conditioners or other chemicals that won’t agree with baby’s skin.

Changing safety

The safest place to change baby’s diaper is the floor, where he can’t roll anywhere and be hurt. If you have back problems or you just prefer to use a changing table, be sure never to leave baby unattended on the table for any length of time.

Step 1: Place baby on a changing pad or mat and remove his diaper. If it’s only wet, put it into the pail. If it’s soiled with stool, use a hose to wash the stool off into the toilet bowl, then put it in the pail.

Step 2: Dip a cotton wool ball into water and wipe any faeces off baby’s buttocks. Clean baby’s genitals gently, always wiping from front to back. Change to a fresh cotton ball frequently.

Step 3: Dry baby’s bottom with the cloth or towel.


Step 4: Place the folded diaper below baby. Put a diaper liner in position. Gently lift baby’s legs by the ankle and slide the folded diaper underneath him.

Step 5: Bring the tip of the diaper up between baby’s legs and hold it in place.

Step 6: Fold the right and left flaps over baby’s waist and pull both ends tight.


Step 7: Slide your fingers between the diaper and baby’s tummy and pin or fasten the layers together. If using a pin, be extra careful not to prick baby accidentally.


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