Are You Expecting Twins?

As a pregnant mother with twins or more, you are advised to take good care of yourself to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You can start by paying special attention to your diet, nutritional needs, exercise regime and your unborn children.

Please consult your doctor for specific recommendations and advice on how to best manage your multiple pregnancy. You may also follow these guidelines to help you take better care of yourself and your unborn children.

Areas of Concern For A Better Care

A. Antenatal Care

Seek advice from a perinatologist or an experienced obstetrician/ gynaecologist. Since they are specialised in high-risk pregnancies, they will follow certain principles of care that may be helpful to you.

Follow a routine ultrasound. This is especially important in a multiple pregnancy to watch for foetal anomalies.

B. Medication/ Supplements

Seek doctor’s advice. You may need to adjust the dosage of your medications because your blood volume may increase vastly during a multiple pregnancy. Seek your doctor’s advice concerning the dosage of your medication. Also, ask your doctor if you need an iron supplement because it is advisable to keep your iron levels high throughout your pregnancy.

C. Diet

Gain adequate weight. If you are carrying twins, you will gain about 18 kilograms in total. You tend to gain more weight during the first trimester. Your ideal weight can be acquired at the rate of at least half a kilogram a week. Do watch your diet carefully as excessive weight gain is not healthy and may lead to other problems.

Stay well-hydrated. Make sure you drink adequate amounts of water.

D. Physical Activity

Exercise with care. When you’re pregnant with twins or more, you’re actually going through a high risk pregnancy. Ask your doctor to recommend a safe exercise regime for you.

Rest more. You need to rest more than other pregnant women. Consider taking early leave from work.

E. Emotional

Be prepared to make more changes in life – (i.e. work, responsibilities, etc.). You need to recognise how emotionally and physically demanding a multiple pregnancy can be.

Join a multiple pregnancy support group. You may face special problems and it helps to share various physical, emotional, pregnancy and social issues you encounter with other mothers.

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