Buckle Up At The Back

Firstly, never allow children aged 12 years and below, including infants, to ride in the front seat! Front passenger airbags inflate at speed of up to 100km/h in a crash. This can injure or kill a child even in a slow-speed crash.

Secondly, child-safety seats at the back are a must. They are an important lifesaver. If a crash occurs, child safety seats help:

  • Restrain your child.
  • Prevent him from being thrown about inside or flung out of the car in an accident.
  • Absorb the impact of a crash.


In a 70km/h crash, your child is flung forward with a force 30 to 60 times his body weight. That is like falling from a three-storey building!

The appropriate seats for different ages.

Infant-only safety seats:

For newborns to one year old babies (maximum weight of 9kg)


Convertible safety seats:

For infants to 4 year old toddlers weighing a maximum of 20kg


Combination safety seats:

For children who are 1 year old and weigh at least 10kg


Belt positioning booster seats:

For children who have outgrown convertible safety belts but are not ready for car’s adult safety belt system. It helps raise the child so that the car’s adult safety belt system can fit him.


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