• getting-the-full-benefits-of-milk
    Getting the Full Benefits of Milk
    Milk and milk products are an excellent source of many essential nutrients that are critical for the proper growth and development of your child. In addition to providing him with energy, milk is a nutrient-dense food that contains essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, and vitamins A, D, and B2 (riboflavin). However, several studies in ...
  • the-vicious-cycle-of-childhood-obesity
    Fighting Childhood Obesity - a Clarion Call
    Just how big is the problem of childhood obesity? On the global front, over 42 million under five years are overweight/obese. In Malaysia, 1 in 4 children/adolescents are overweight and we are at the top of the list [in the region] for childhood obesity at 30%. Being overweight or obese is the result of “caloric ...
  • vegetarian-diet-and-kids
    Vegetarian Diet and Kids
    The Malaysian Food Pyramid recommends a varied and well-balanced diet that consists of food sources from all food groups. However, you may be a vegetarian due to health, religious, cultural or other reasons. Vegetarian or plant-based diet is safe for kids, however, care must be taken to ensure that your child gets all the essential ...
  • cooking-for-working-moms
    Cooking Tips for Working Mums
    The modern working mom has her hands full with work, family and household obligations. This leaves very little time to spend on food preparations, so how can a busy mom get a delicious yet nutritious dinner ready for her family? The first rule is simple: don’t panic! Yes, it is entirely possible to have home-cooked ...
  • using-food-lables
    Using Food Labels to Make Healthier Food Choices
    Have you ever wondered what all the markings and labels on pre-packaged food products are all about? Or perhaps you are one of those who never even gave it a second glance, except for the brand and the price. But when it comes to buying food products, reading and understanding the labels can help you ...
  • learn-and-prevent-childhood-stunting
    Learn & Prevent Childhood Stunting
    Childhood stunting refers to the failure to reach the expected normal growth potential as a result of poor health and/or nutritional conditions. Stunting can cause major short- and long-term effects on children. A significantly low height for age is a strong predictor of mortality in the first 5 years of life. Lack of adequate nutrients ...
  • dining-out-healthily
    Dining Out Healthily
    Outside foods are often perceived as being unhealthy, i.e. they are oily, high in fat, or contain too much salt, flavourings and sugar. Consuming these in high amounts as part of a staple diet has been linked to an increased risk of obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancers) which has ...
  • keeping-your-child-hydrated-featured
    Keeping Your Child Hydrated
    Please check out our infographic for keeping your child hydrated.
  • fibre-sources
    Fantastic FIBRE
    Dietary fibre is the edible parts of the plant that cannot be digested or absorbed in the small intestine. It passes into the large intestine mostly intact. Your child needs about 20-30 g of dietary fibre per day.
  • boy-eating-cereals
    Good Nutrition For Growth
    A child’s overall growth and development is, among other things, largely dependent upon nutrition. An optimum and balanced amount of various nutrients ensures your child grows normally and healthily. Similarly, it provides: Protection for your child against various illnesses, diseases and infections by strengthening the body and immune system. Energy required to keep up with ...